The Sacred Song

The Sacred Song

by Lakshmi S. Kennedy

Life is a sacred song, a process that emerges from the primordial waters.
This song is impregnated with love, from the original Eros, Ananda, bliss, delight.

When we hear this song, it doesn´t just appear as sound, it pervades with each infinitesimal
wave with our sight, smell and touch.

Its presence is so subtle that we can taste it, experience it and then it may just disappear
from our awareness.

Perhaps it takes a lifetime to know it. Or it could take a second. That is up to us.
It is up to our Being to long for, to wish ourselves away from the noise we have created into
the sublime silence of this sacred song.

When we can feel, sense and evoke it, we know that we are swimming in sacred waters.
There life makes more sense, in this place, where we consecrate our sacred marriage with
the depths.

When these blessed experiences are born in us, we are given a gift, the message where we
recall that it is goodness that upholds our worlds.

This goodness blows into us like a wind, magically helping us to remember that inside of all
tragedy there are infinite seeds of creation.

Listening to this sacred music of goodness we can glimpse into the arena of the emerging
future. Where all, yes, all is in potential and possible, waiting to burst out into bloom.
Where we can dream together a new future, a new world.

Weaving together, we can build from our tiny and yet eternal individual kilns, new visions,
new ways and beautiful actions.

We have to constantly train, prepare and refine our recipient, to have these glimpses, to
drink from this source. To listen to this way of being, where we resound together in an
infinite “Yes”.

Here we celebrate the uniqueness of the diversity of our myriad intelligences and the
alchemy of possible futures.

May the sacred song of love enter into our hearts, impregnate our minds.
May we dance with its music birthing a new world for our planet.
What is this silent love music whispering into your ear?

Foto: Sarah Dao (Upsplash).

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