Sustain: A poem, a journey and a vision


by Lakshmi

Tara was betwixed and between
the meaningful and the meaningless.

Attempting to sustain
the seemingly unlimited paradoxes of the extremes
that appeared like figurines in her mind.

It felt as if it was too much for her.
She knew that the tectonic plates were moving
beneath her foundational stones.

It was time to Belong to the eternal.
Yet her mind moved between
clarity and clouds.

She sensed that the Mystery was inviting her,
no, directing her
to go deeper.

Yes, deeper into the Eternal truths.

This time, not only through cosmic evanescence,
but in the manifested body of sacred life,
in this phantasmagorical planet.

As she stepped onto the deserted, wild
wind birthed beach,
all of this moved within her.

Just like the waves that crashed
white foamy, dark, turquoise mansions,
ebbing and flowing
from their source onto the shore.

She sat and felt the tears erupt,
alone there in this conversation she screamed.
An ancestral tiger roar and then

And then, breath.

A slow calm,
the bright lights of the mind faded
and Tara’s attention went towards the inner witness.

She was taken into another vision of her reality.

Reminded then about the necessary movements to observe and she did,
It was there that she invoked a dissolution of her persona,
And the freshness of the emptiness.

She moved from the personal to the impersonal of her.
She tasted freedom for some short moments,
Then came a release.

From these depths, she came back to see herself,
to kiss the emotion, the thoughts,
the diatribe of the rivers in her mind.

She found the way to even love the anxiety she felt
to find that ultimate special meaning.
That precious moment
slipped and faded into a humble grain of sand,
resting now in the palm of her hand.

“What noise we make, us humans”, she thought.
“If we could just find this experience a little more,
if we could just acknowledge our tiny sacred note
and allow the silent color to express itself naturally,
perhaps our lives would be easier”…

Her musings continued…


Photo: Wade Lambert (Unsplash).

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