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The world of the Peace

Allow for a pause and the serenity will appear.
Invite the quietude and the calm can grow.
Stay with the stillness and you will experience the void.
Value the silence and you can awaken the peace.

The Dawn

The sun was hidden and the night brought in a storm.
Gusts stirred the waters and the fog covered the path.
I resisted desertion and nestled deeply into myself.
I silenced the voices and found a shining light in the stillness.

I let go of my worries and discovered stillness behind the veils.
I united my breath with the symphony of the wind and followed the rhythm of the waves.
I entered into a luminous womb and I rested in its comforting emptiness.
I returned to my original home and tasted the dynamism hidden within the Peace.

Secrets of the Peace

Look for the stillness

You are a Creator of Time.
You feel your reality accelerated,
although you are capable of living a peaceful existence.

The key is the pause.

Take a moment in the middle of your activities
to sit and perceive your rhythms.
Welcome the stillness and the expansion of time.

Learn to Let go

You are the owner of your freedom.
Your accumulated tensions imprison you,
and yet inside of you lives a cascade of emancipation.

The key is your breath.

Inhale the breath of life, exhale the stress;
Lower your rhythms and let go.
Connect with the release of the moment.

Open to the calm

You are the master of your mind.
Your attention is divided in many directions,
even though you have the ability to unify yourself.

The key is the concentration.

Patiently guide your consciousness
in one direction only.
Open the doorway to the innate calm.

Dwell in the peace

You are the custodian of your existence.
You live in the torrent of the five senses,
however you can withdraw to your inner sanctuary.

The key is the Observer.

Listen to the silence and establish a contact
with the witness that lives within you.
Experience the eternal present.

The world of Consciousness