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The world of the Love

Recognize the limits and you can see the infinite.
Discover the sacred reality and you will live in freedom.
Appreciate the harmony and the inner child will flower.
Open to the compassion and you can drink from Love.

The noon

The sun above revealed the vastness of the heavens and gave color to existence.
I surrendered my heart to beauty and advanced towards the shore of love.
I stepped softly onto the humid earth and inhaled nature’s perfume.
I perceived a song from far away and unfolded my wings to follow its call.

I began my flight and started a romance with the cosmic dance.
I adored the secret harmony and surrendered my flapping to my invisible friend.
I let go of myself in the play of the air and became drunk with laughter.
I glided freely in the sky and abandoned myself to my Lover’s caress.

Secrets of Love

Invite the Healing

You feel self-love.
The past formed wounds,
but your heart longs to be free to love.

The key is to take care of yourself.

Initiate a healing process,
and invite in a tenderness towards yourself.
Experience the rebirth of your heart.

Unify with compassion

You feel a connection with others.
Your love is selective, although you can activate
your empathy with all creatures.

The key is amplitude.

Be conscious of suffering
and perceive the interdependence of all things.
Send out warm feelings.

Expand the play

You feel the cosmic dance.
Although you have left behind spontaneity,
you can return to the child consciousness.

The key is the expression.

Summon the wonderment and contemplate
on the beauty in all existences.
Lend your ear to the sacred song.

Elevate to the beloved

You feel a sacred intimacy.
You perceive a separation,
however you travel towards unity.

The key is to fall in love.

Elevate your heart to the heights
and live the embrace with the source of all love.
Experience the ecstasy of the fusion.

The world of the Creation