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The world of Consciousness

Look for the authenticity and the path will emerge.
Contemplate the shadows and choose what is essential.
Ignite the will and you can cut loose the attachments.
Use the discernment and you will know the Self.

The morning

The aurora exhaled another morning and gave birth to the forms.
I lifted my gaze upwards and contemplated a distinct world.
I looked at my reflection in the water and saw an unrecognizable face.
I asked the image “Who am I?” and waited for a truthful answer.

I defied the tempting mirages and mastered indomitable horses.
With tears I healed my wounds and my radiant essence flourished.
My warrior gathered the withered leaves and lit the way to the future.
I looked upon my crystalline reflection and heard the answer “I am That”.

Secrets of the Consciousness

Perceive the pendulum

You know the nature of the rhythms.
You live in a pendulum between inertia and hyperactivity,
even though you can find your equilibrium.

The key is your perception.

Start to capture the cadences of your movements,
the slowness or the velocity.
Look for the balance.

Understand the duality

You know the origin of your reflection.
You identify yourself with a limited image,
although your unlimited Self is waiting to be awakened.

The key is discernment.

Observe the characteristics of both parts
and establish a bond with the deepest Self.
Invoke the truth.

Discover the Fire

You know the power of your luminous Force.
You feel an attachment to the old habits,
however, a liberating fire lies within you.

The key is the will.

Connect with the spirit of the Warrior
and vanquish the challenges with determination.
Embark on the conquest.

Know the Master

You know the voice of knowledge.
Different voices are guiding you,
and yet you can live with the source of the Self.

The key is silence.

Unite yourself with the spirit of the disciple,
and ask the question: “Who am I?”.
Listen to the wisdom.
The world of the Love