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The world of the Creation

Guide the goodness and you will manifest life.
Serve with perfection and you can find meaning.
Live in creativity and you will flow in the present.
Elevate the fruits and you will stay in delight.

The Twilight

The sun departed with an orange trail and showed the ripeness of the day.
I left the eternal’s embrace and I followed the path to the next cycle.
I was aware of the silent heights and I heard voices from the earth.
I went to meet the others and I returned to the lake where it all began.

I looked for the first time into their eyes and I felt their hidden suffering.
I activated the force of peace and I learned about the joy of caring.
I elevated each simple movement and acted from my real nature.
I began to create and the universe flowed in the Eternal Present.

Secrets of the Creation

Perfect the movements

Create the Mastery. There is a separation
between the mind and the action, but the unity
integrates the inner nature with life.

The key is the alignment.

Permit the thought to disappear
in the action and flow.
Manifest acts of liberation.

Offer up the actions

Create sacred acts.
You repeat yourself while you act,
although you are capable of creating unique actions.

The key is the offering.

Perceive the sacredness in the other and surrender
your creations to the river of universal goodness.
Express yourself with service.

Direct life

Create your motivations.
The goals of your existence are diverse, however
a seed exists that can sustain your life.

The key is altruism.

Look with perseverance for the deepest meaning
and channel your actions to realize your essence.
Integrate your light in life.

Express with inspiration

Create the change.
You resist transformation, nevertheless
within innovation you will find the force.

The key is creativity.

Join yourself with the primordial forces
and build with others.
Create a better world.