The Path of Love

By Lakshmi Sarah Kennedy

Dearest friend on the path,
Ohhh, how I think of you,
with my arms open.
How glorious it is, this moment of being together.

Here, I wait for you dear.
Here in this place,
where our minds and hearts
dance together, let us make haste.

I am in a rapture dear,
where my Being is in revolution.
It is here where I feel my pain,
I perceive that I am closer to you.

It is in this place that I celebrate existence,
and our belonging
to the Earth infused with the Cosmos,
diverse, beautiful and devastating.

I kiss you on your cheek, my friend
I say to you “you are the best”.
Because life is short,
and our friendship is surely blessed!

I laugh while I write.
I feel like a fairy in a forest,
full of play and love.
But take care!, I have also been a dark magician,
digging into the shadow, to understand a little better.

These have been times for listening,
of pain and confusion.
When I plunge into the darkness,
it is necessary to distance from reason and comfort.

It is there, where I am an apprentice
to my inner protectors.
I have seen in them
the same value as the light.

We have two paths with the shadows:
to ignore or sit with them.
The second, involves going to the basement of our reality.
The place where the jewels are also found.

The Wild is also accompanying me,
Guiding me to loosen my Being,
becoming Earth with my brethren:
horses, pumas and birds.
I can feel things for real.

I say goodbye to you, my friend for now,
See you later, on the path of love,
Because in the end, this is where we’re going
Co creating and emerging together.

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