Deep time

By Lakshmi S Kennedy


“Huayan theory and the Flower ornament Sutra itself speak of ten distinct times: the past, present, and the future of the past; the past, present and the future of the present; the past, present and the future of the future, and finally the combination of all these nine times”. Being time and Deep Time, Taigen Dan Leighton from “Wild love for the world”.


I am going into Deep Time. Time where the normal sounds and distractions cannot reach.


Deep Time is a place of simplicity, of slowness. Slow walking. Of time in nature.


Deep time is listening, letting go and letting come.


Deep Time is a place where I can connect. Create relationships with the sacred Others. This includes but is not exclusive of my human friends, my brothers and sisters.


Deep Time is Peace, is gentle and quiet. It is the beginning of a deeper sacralization of my world, of my love of the seriousness.


I need to grieve, to remember through my myth, how was it? How is it? How can it be?


But I must listen to the Deep voices that tell me




and When?


If not now, when will this be?


The time for this Deep Time is now.


In Deep time, the world comes alive. I am surrounded by my beloveds.

It is a bounty that is so rich, so tantalizing and this precipitates a deeper devotion, sincerity and a capacity to love and allow myself to break in the tragic flow of the times.


It allows me to open to the sensitivity of our world. To remember to what I have been called for here.


Deep Time is to listen, to truly listen to the Whole, not just to my domesticated wishes and desires for my actions.


I have no need to be seen, only to be here with the Mystery Beloved.


Photo: Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.

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