The Flight of the Supreme Swan (Lakshmi)

The great philosopher and spiritual master Sri Aurobindo stated: “A symbol does not express the play of abstract things or ideas in imaginary forms, it is a living truth or an inner vision”. Our symbol in Deep Delight is the swan, a Supreme Swan. This symbol will accompany us on our journey and will be the protagonist in the different worlds. The swan will experience each stage; it will transform and will manifest itself like a truth that is living, beautiful and inspiring.

Two decades ago, when I was living in the Himalayas with the Tibetans, I was fascinated with their spirituality, Mahayana Buddhism and with the symbolism in their culture.Their most sacred symbols represent philosophical ideas, ways to understand existence and vehicles to take the consciousness to elevated states. In the Tibetan world, the Buddhist symbols are present everywhere, on their altars, in their streets, in their flags or on the walls of their temples. The Tibetans say that these symbols are signs that call our attentionto the relationship between the inner and outer worlds. Their masters explain that with knowledge of the meaning and with practice we can integrate the symbol within our consciousness and it becomes possible to transform reality.

Many years ago I had a vivid dream: a wise man was showing me how symbols existed before and beyond language. He told me that symbols have the power to unify our vision, beyond intellectual conceptualization. After this experience I began to conceive sacred symbols as signs or indications,capable of directing my vision to the Eternal Present.

Our Swan reminds us that with the help of beauty and the poetry of life we can reach the Soul.

In the universe of Deep Delight, our symbol of the Supreme Swan represents the inner journey that each one of us can undertake. It is a symbol of the possibility of living in a state of joy from the sacred part of our Being. At my master’s side and in my years on the path, I have learned that in the search for wisdom and in the union with the sacred reality, it is essential to weave a sweet delight into our minds and hearts. Our Swan reminds us that with the aid of beauty and the poetry of life we can reach the Soul.

In nature, the swan inhabits the earth, glides on the water and soars in the air. It is a creature that flows easily in all these elements. Universally it has been associated with beauty, purity and grace. In many cultures it has been a symbol of love, a love that creates lasting relationships with others. At the same time, the swan is known for its strength and the ability to fiercely protect itself.

When we chose the symbol of the Swan for Deep Delight, besides the consideration of its natural qualities, we also wanted to recover its extraordinary significance in the Indian philosophies. In the ancient text of the Hamsa Upanishad, the swan is synonymous with the Soul (Atman) and its liberation (moksha). Thus, when we unite with the symbol of the Swan we are connecting with our Soul and with its longing for realization. The Liberated Soul, in Indian philosophy, is called the Supreme Swan (Paramahansa).

In each world of Deep Delight we will follow the Swan in its journey. The words and details of this protagonist will mirror our journey and our search for Peace, Consciousness, Love and Creation. The Swan will follow the movements of the Sun that in turn illuminates different aspects of its consciousness, its life and growth. Its path will be our path; its challenges and lessons will be ours, and the opening of its wings in Deep Delight, will be our opening too. The Swan will be a symbol that reminds us of our destiny to awaken and fly.

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