The Wise Woman calls

The Wise Woman calls

By: Lakshmi

The Wise woman
calls me.
She whispers:
“Come and play”.
Find out:
“Who am I?
What am I dreaming?
What gives me meaning?”

She’s waiting
in my most intimate inner place.
Beckoning for me to find her,
to invoke her
and live in freedom with her.

I have felt her subtle presence,
through the years,
and in special moments,
I have sensed her by my side,
when I walk in nature.

Her intuitive words
arriving in my thoughts.
Her feisty courage
urging me to jump,
and not to worry where I land.

This Wise master lives in light.
She is a flame in the darkness,
She lights a fire in my heart
So that I can trust and
fall in love again.

From the Earth
she holds within her bosom,
the wisdom of women past,
present and future.
From the Sky
she inherits the Sacred Feminine power,
of the Great Mother Goddess.

The Wise woman is the lover,
Enraptured with life.
She guides me to find the essence,
the sense hidden in the forms,
the real behind the Illusion.

She adores sacred practices,
rituals, songs and prayers.
She is the singer, the child, the devotee.
She is Beauty and
her gaze has the capacity to transform me.

She is a custodian of my being,
Waiting for me to hear,
to silence myself.
She tells me:
“Trust, you will heal and transcend,
and in time you will understand.
You will find your way to live
in the beautiful flow of Oneness”.

Oh!, great Wise Woman,
I call you today.
Guide me,
help me to decide
which path to take:
Which form to create?
How best can I serve
with kindness in the world.

Oh!, wise woman,
Help me to see,
Guide me to discover
what is really ‘me’.

Oh!, wise woman,
I know that you hear.
I invoke you.
Take me to find my sisters
and my brothers too.

Let us create a vision together,
let’s dance for joy,
let your delight emerge
and the world breathe your wisdom.



Photo: William Farlow (Unsplash).

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