The Journey to Deep Delight (Lakshmi)

Deep Delight is an offering and a vision about the stages of the path of Self-Realization. Like the deepest areas of existence, this journey is full of secrets, keys, challenges, learning and above all, beauty.

For twenty-four years, with fifteen of these at the side of my Master, this voyage of the consciousness and the heart has brought me happiness and meaning. It is my sincere wish that here in Deep Delight these words, images, reflections and meditations can be seeds for the flowering of your own paths to the discovery of the Self.

According to Indian cosmology, Ananda (Supreme Delight) is the essence of our nature, the basis of existence and the impulse behind all creation. Following this ancient form of thinking and experience, when we unite with our inner Self, we perceive the Eternal Reality that inhabits us and naturally this Deep Delight will arise.

This idea, that Happiness is our deepest nature is very beautiful and powerful and yet it can prove to be one of the most enigmatic notions. Why is there such a vast difference between this concept and our daily experience? And if we accept that existence in its deepest and elevated reality is Delight, how can we find the path to perceive, live and preserve this state?

One of the possible answers about the distance between the idea and our actual state of happiness is related with the paths that we have been shown and that we have chosen to achieve it. The exterior ways show us again and again their limitations to offer us deep and lasting satisfaction.

To begin the journey towards a Deep Delight we should be ready to explore and
contemplate our inner nature and reality.

The challenge consists in exploring and finding the recourses to inspire, activate and transform us and to patiently change our limited and egotistical nature, for an illumined and elevated nature. This path of discovery directs us towards a communion with our essence and the result of this “freedom of the Being” is Joy.

I hope to accompany you as a friend in the journey to the mystery of yourselves. Your deepest nature and essence will be your guide. It will be the beacon to your natural inheritance, to the sacred present and to a bright future.

In Deep Delight you will find four worlds. They represent a path to the integration of the Self in all of its dimensions. In this way the four worlds of Peace, Consciousness, Love and Creation can be: forms of manifesting the most elevated essence and ways to experience the sacred world. Each world complements, intertwines and acts as part of a symphony.

This is my invitation to come and play, a play to be reborn in Deep Delight.

Photograph: Vishnu (Bill Hulse), EE.UU.
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