Silent again

Silent again

By: Lakshmi

She walked.
She made sure that no stone should be turned
on this rocky and difficult path.
She was stepping on her Mother,
it was a sacred journey.

She placed her feet softly,
so that the weight of her body
barely caressed the earthy skin.
Taking care of her Mother.

As she paced,
all around she saw the mountains
and the brush.

She listened to the rustling of the leaves
and the movement of the wings of a falcon
as it soared towards the sun.
The Mother’s presence everywhere
and the beauty of the soft sounds lulled her.
The delight cleansed her inside.

The silent spirit had come within her
and filled her with emptiness.

Bare and ready for
a deeper devotion,
a deeper understanding,
a deeper vision,
a deeper wonderment.

She knew that she was not alone
that all was in order.
Perfect again,
silent again,



Photo: Ben Dumond (Unsplash)

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