Eternity emerges

By: Lakshmi

“In the Far East, the transition from the land to the sea is not experienced as a transition from the firm to that which does not provide support, but rather as a transition from the limited to the inexhaustible and all encompassing, from differentiation to in-differentiation, from fullness to emptiness, from presence to absence, from clinging to abandonment. The moment of satori, (illumination) is the moment of a great transition in which an oceanic feeling is experienced.”
Byung Chul Han. Absence.


I returned to the sea.
I can hardly express how profoundly it touched me.
It was on the Atlantic coast of Patagonia where I rediscovered the ocean.

I was born on an island with cold waters and so this environment seemed familiar.
And yet, this time I not only felt it in my body and with my eyes,
I drank it deeply into my Soul,
and a new reality awakened within me.

In these last few days, I have become a different person.
I have been washed and
an intense nakedness has invaded my being.

Pristine beauty of elongated skies and curving shorelines.
Wild shapes, abrupt nuances,
a starry dome.
An orb of sustained opposites.

Every morning I long to see my lover.
The golden star rises and my heart has been taken in its arms.
Even the tiny birds on the beach with their songs call me.
I have become both seen and invisible.

Here at the brink of time
The waves incessantly crash down with an endless murmur.
Suddenly, the storm approaches.

I am a droplet that observes, I am a petite presence.

Orchestra of colors and sensations. Awe and rapture.
Crystalline eternity that frees me from petty dramas and small vanities.
I have remembered the call of the wild.
And the Sacred presence is accomplice of this reunion.


Alchemy of this ocean,
and the extraordinary light of a pristine nature.
Its sensitive brilliance in my mind.
Creates an emergence of a deep initiation.

Within this power, tenderness,
a feminine touch, harmonious and gentle.
A majestic caress that waits for eons,
to nurture this little human babe with intimacy and transcendence.

I am in love with this vast existence.
With its creative play and infinitesimal care.

A pause.

I am guided towards my deepest sadness.
Ancient tears revealed by the swell of the waves.
I find refuge in the velvety whisper.

A revelation arises:
“I will be by your side, I will adore you.
I see your lights and your shadows,
I know you, I trust you.
Receive my Universes of love ”.

Tender and flaming embrace.
Immensity and emptiness that dissolves the tiny self.
I feel the Grace reaching the shore.
I embody the secret message.


Photo: Ishwara “Bahía Bustamante, Patagonia, Argentina”.

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