Awaken to Delight (Lakshmi)

When I lived in India with my Master, I saw the Yogis with their mala beads (prayer necklaces) repeating mantras. In the beginning I did not understand why they did this and so I asked my master Deva. He explained to me that through this action they unify their minds, establish a connection with the inner world and eventually become awakened to the essential reality.

All of us in some moment of our lives have had moments of Awakening. Instants of clarity and liberty that impulse us to leave things behind, to invite new movements, to transform and evolve. But what do we understand by “Awakening”? In its depths, it is the opening to the Reality. An Awakening is the way to experience the Eternal Present reality in a state of Calm, Consciousness and Delight. An awakening is not a mirage originating in the mind; it is an experience of the Self.

This experience is a possibility for all of us, because its potential is inside of us, like the tree that is contained in the seed. It is on the inside where we must carry out this process, as if it were like the flowering of a bud, which begins to open, then petal by petal, it shines, until it opens entirely and reveals its beauty and magnificence.

What do we need to start this process, to leave behind our states of unconsciousness, to liberate ourselves and see with clarity? Sometimes we become awakened and we stay in this state for some time, but we all have the tendency to forget. Thus we move in a pendulum between being half-awake and half-asleep, although, it is very common that we go back to sleep again. Ananda Devi, a French philosopher and the master of my guide for thirty-four years, affirmed in her book, The Illumined Mind: “We should have the sufficient prescience (the vision of the future things) to re-enter the ‘Reality’ and know that it is infinitely more marvelous and exhilarating than the dream”. From this call arises the invitation to activate a fire in us, a luminous will that allows us to travel through three secrets of the Awakening: the Vision, the Embrace and the Fusion.

Once we have understood and interiorized the three secrets of Awakening we return with patience to the center of the Being. We are at the same time sculptures and Sculptors of ourselves.

With the Vision (Drsti in Sanskrit) we can first make an evaluation and define what it is that we would like to invite into our Being and see which parts of us are asleep that should become awakened. For example, we would like to invoke Peace. The Vision will inspire us to discern how our mind, heart, body and life are: “What part of me is agitated? How can I calm it down? And how will I feel when peace comes to that part of me?” Also with the Vision we can imagine and should see the peace in front of us.

With a clear Vision, the second step is the Embrace. In our silent reflection, meditative state or contemplation, we invoke the vision that we have created and we embrace it. We feel that this new essence is coming inside of our Being. When we embrace the Peace, we open ourselves up to the possibility that it begins to be born and is growing inside of us. In this process we give ourselves up completely to this Embrace as if it were a person that we love. We embrace the Peace with the mind, the heart, the body and life. We also seek to embrace the Peace with our subconscious, where the roots of resistance for change are usually found.

The last step is the Fusion. It consists in the identification with the aspiration, in this case it would be the union with the Peace. To achieve this, we will begin repeating the words, as we would with a mantra ”I am Peace”. After we fuse with the Peace, we will awaken our peaceful nature, a state that can remain with us regardless of the circumstances. It is true that there will be times when the vision, in our case the Peace, will be affected by movements of the mind, heart, body or life, but once we have understood and internalized the three secrets of Awakening, we can return with patience to the center of the Being.

We are at the same time sculptures and sculptors of ourselves, and with each effort we chisel away the unnecessary forms and we perfect ourselves. With the Fusion we begin a true Awakening, because we establish an intense and lasting relationship with our inner Self.

Awakening is the transmutation of the heavier elements in us to lighter and higher elements. Awakening is also a calling from the depths, from a place in us that yearns for fulfillment and Deep Delight. When we are in a constant Awakening we feel that each day is a rebirth and we witness and experience how special each moment of our existence is.

Friends, I invite you to Awaken and Celebrate Life!

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